Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Telling the Texas Story in D.C.

I flew into Washington Dulles International Airport yesterday to begin a busy week working with our nation’s leaders on a wide range of issues from environmental regulation to international trade. My message will be shared with our Texas Congressional delegation and my counterparts from across the country at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA).

It makes me proud to serve the interests of Texas on the national stage. As a leading force in U.S. agriculture, Texas is a major player in shaping domestic and foreign policies that will impact not only farmers and ranchers, but also consumers who rely on their products to feed, cloth and shelter their families.

One topic of great debate at NASDA and on Capitol Hill is the influence of federal policies on the environment and our Texas border. From my perspective, the federal government is meddling too much in the former and not doing enough to secure the latter.

Maybe the federal government should reorganize its priorities to focus less on environmental overreach and more on citizen protective outreach. Texans deserve it, and I plan to fight for it at NASDA this week. Look for more on my efforts to limit environmental regulation and expand international trade as the week wears on.

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