Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crucial Eminent Domain Reform Passes Senate Committee

After testifying today to the Senate State Affairs Committee on behalf of private property owners in Texas, I’m happy to hear the committee passed SB 18, by Senator Craig Estes.

Private property owners’ rights are fundamental to our free market system, and protection of those rights is vital to the continued economic vitality of the Lone Star State. Growth is welcome in Texas, but it is imperative that we correct the gross injustice that is currently allowing homeowners and landowners to be taken advantage of during eminent domain negotiations.

SB 18 builds on other legislation such as Proposition 11, which created a constitutional limit on governments’ ability to take private property for non-public uses, and was approved by 81 percent of Texas voters in 2009. SB 18 requires fair compensation and establishes a buy-back provision for land that is taken, but then not used by the acquirer.

I want to thank Senator Estes, as well as Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, for their leadership in this area.

Remember: You don’t mess with Texans and SB 18 reassures you don’t mess with Texans’ land!

You can read my full testimony here.

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