Friday, May 14, 2010

A Valued Partnership With the Texas Bison Association

I had the honor of speaking with members of the Texas Bison Association at the group’s recent meeting in Fort Worth. I'm a firm believer that partnerships lead to progress, which is why I appreciate the association and its commitment to the Texas Department of Agriculture's GO TEXAN program.

The Texas Bison Association was formed in 1994 to advocate bison ranching in the Lone Star State. In an effort to maximize its outreach, the Texas Bison Association automatically enrolls its more than 60 members into the GO TEXAN marketing campaign, which promotes the products culture and communities of Texas. For $25 per year, each member of the Texas Bison Association can enjoy such promotional benefits as discounted advertising, exposure at year-round events and festivals, and listings in TDA promotional materials.

It makes me proud to know the association places such a high value on GO TEXAN branding and membership in its mission to advance Texas agriculture. In fact, this is a first where every single member of an association is pre-paid to become a GO TEXAN member. Thanks to the Texas Bison Association for leading the way. Maybe others will soon follow.

For more information about the benefits of GO TEXAN membership, visit our website at Meanwhile, visit the Texas Bison Association website at There you will discover a wealth of interesting bison facts while learning more about raising bison and enjoying lean bison meat.

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