Monday, May 31, 2010

A Salute to our Soldiers on Memorial Day

While many people have big plans with family and friends this holiday weekend, I hope everyone takes a moment to remember the meaning of Memorial Day. The traditional barbecues, concerts and sporting events all make for great fun, but they are merely the rituals and not the reason for this day.

A worthy tribute if ever there was one, Memorial Day remembers those men and women who died in military service while wearing the uniform of our great country. Today, as we enjoy the freedom and festivities made possible by our servicemen and women, let us not forget the families who view Memorial Day through somber eyes. They will never forget the loss of their loved ones and neither should we. Wearing the uniform of the United States requires the utmost courage and sacrifice - and for many, that sacrifice runs painfully deep.

Please take a moment to pray for the families of these men and women, and thank someone who has so bravely and selflessly sacrificed to ensure we have a free and sovereign nation under God. As we salute our heroes in the armed forces, I also salute you, the everyday heroes who keep Texas on the road to prosperity.

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