Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge for Texas Mayors to Feed More Hungry Children This Summer

Today, I challenged all mayors across Texas to do what it takes to feed Texas children in need this summer. A recent report found that Texas leads the nation in food insecurity for children under 18 and ranks third in the U.S. for food insecure households. All Texans must do their part to stop this disturbing trend of food insecurity in our great state.

As an editorial in today’s Austin American-Statesman points out, Texas needs to make some big changes. For a state known for its “super-sized wealth,” there are too many children who do not know where their next meal is coming from.

We need powerful partnerships to turn the tables and put healthy food on children’s plates. Free meals are served to children under 18 through the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Summer Nutrition Programs. To find the nearest summer feeding site, visit squaremeals.org.

The mayors of Texas are in a position to improve the lives of children in their cities by generating awareness and working with organizations to help feed hungry children. I hope today spurs a change.

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Price said...

This is great to hear. It would be marvelous to see public edible landscapes promoted by our state's elected officials.

The San Antonio Food Bank has a terrific new community garden that could serve as a model for other communities desiring to increase food security by teaching children and others to cultivate food at home. The San Antonio Botanical Gardens have a beautiful children's garden that is full of vegetables this time of year. Even modest amounts of nutritious vegetables grown at home could make a real difference.