Thursday, August 7, 2008

Response to EPA Regarding Renewable Fuel Standard Waiver Rejection

Now that the EPA has made its ruling and denied the ethanol waiver it is time to move forward. Farmers and ranchers need to come together to work on solutions for dealing with the rising costs of fuel and fertilizer.

USDA has released its annual report of farm production expenditures and it is proof we must find answers to the escalating costs of doing business. According to the report, the rising cost of fuel and other products helped drive U.S. farm production expenditures to a record $260 billion in 2007. Total U.S. farm production expenditures rose 9.3 percent from 2006 and nearly 30 percent from five years ago. For a full summary of the USDA report click on the link from Pro Farmer: Link to full report.

I look forward to working with everyone in the agriculture industry to find ways that will help us effectively battle the rising costs of farming and ranching.

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