Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Terrorism Conference, ‘Texas Traffic’ Tell True Tales of Border Violence

The call for increased border protection continued in San Angelo this week where I spoke at an international narco-terrorism conference and using a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Texas in the Crosshairs,” I offered conference attendees overwhelming statistical data proving our border is not secure. The presentation also  launched a new 16-part video series titled “Texas Traffic – True Stories of Drug and Human Smuggling.”

The conference was proof positive that Washington’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude toward spillover Mexican drug cartel violence is not only out of touch with reality, but also out of line with the protections afforded by our Constitution. Ask many of the law enforcement agents attending the conference if our border is safer than ever, as President Obama and his staff have claimed, and the resounding answer is an emphatic, “No.”

If those in attendance haven’t already dodged a bullet or lived in fear of trespassers and violent invaders, they probably know someone who has. As long as our border remains porous, drug trafficking, human smuggling, murder and kidnapping will continue to be part of the rural Texas landscape. These criminal actions also will harm our food supply as they force farmers and ranchers to sell their property and abandon their operations in order to keep their families out of harm’s way.

The united call for increased federal assistance was loud and clear today in San Angelo. It’s a call that goes out daily from rural Texans who live and work in the face of danger. To hear their voices and testimony, tune into “Texas Traffic – True Stories of Drug and Human Smuggling.” The series is available at You can also find a copy of my presentation to the conference on this site.

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