Friday, August 17, 2012

More Eyes in the Sky

In a move that makes sense for U.S. taxpayers, surplus military equipment returning home from overseas could soon be making its way to South Texas where it will be used to monitor and patrol our border with Mexico. I’ve been requesting this type of action for quite some time, so I am happy to see it finally take flight.

According to the Wall Street Journal, miniature surveillance blimps that previously covered our troops on foreign battlefields are being tested for effectiveness in the fight against illegal drug traffickers, human smugglers and others illegally crossing our border. Equipped with highly sensitive cameras and detection equipment, these blimps could allow enforcement agents to keep a close eye on foot traffic in and around the Rio Grande River and surrounding rural areas.

Considering these blimps are paid for by taxpayers and are no longer utilized overseas, I’d rather see them protecting U.S. soil and citizens from the air than being mothballed in some military facility. Our rural farmers, ranchers and other citizens deserve nothing less.

To read the full Wall Street Journal article, go here.

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