Sunday, December 25, 2011

Teach a child the true joy of Christmas

It’s hard to argue that children add joy to Christmas. From grandkids to the kids next door, children exude that certain excitement that can only come from youthful anticipation.

And while it’s impossible not to dote on children during Christmas, you might also consider it a great time to teach them goodwill toward others. Take your niece and nephew to a local food bank where they can help bundle care packages for families in need. Plan a play date with neighborhood kids and gather a collective donation of gently used toys and clothes. Visit an assisted-living home and teach your sons and daughters the priceless power of brightening somebody’s day.

Many of these gifts cost nothing more than time and the willingness to share your good fortune. Even if you have no kids of your own, there are opportunities to teach by example through churches, schools and youth groups.

Sometimes it’s more important to show a child it’s better to give than to receive. And what better time than Christmas to make an impression that can last a lifetime? After all, Christmas began with a gift to all mankind.

Merry Christmas, Texas. May you and yours continue to be blessed.

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