Tuesday, December 20, 2011

State Water Plan Is Critical For Meeting Future Needs

The Texas Water Development Board recently approved the 2012 State Water Plan, which outlines the state’s water needs and potential ways to meet those needs over the next 50 years.

The plan represents a local approach to local water needs, and I commend the members of the 16 regional water planning groups who have dedicated their time and leadership to ensure Texans have access to water. The drought has highlighted the need for water planning and implementation of the plans.

Currently, the state’s reservoirs are barely over half of their capacity, and groundwater levels are decreasing. Everyone from individual users to agriculture producers to industrial consumers is feeling the pinch of tight water supplies. Without a workable water plan, the situation will get even worse as Texas’ population continues to grow.

Local leadership and local solutions will be key in implementing the water plan. You can learn more about the water plan by going here.

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