Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Salute to Texas Independence Day

Today my Lone Star pride beams brighter than usual as we celebrate Texas Independence Day and honor the founding freedom fighters who, 174 years ago, won our independence from Mexico.

In a state that’s world-renowned for being built on grit, courage and sacrifice, March 2, 1836, stands as our proudest moment - and that’s saying a lot! Texas is the greatest state in the greatest country on earth and for that we can thank Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Lorenzo de Zavala, Davy Crockett and countless other everyday men and women whose spirits and resolve were anything but ordinary. Texas wasn’t handed to us or discovered by accident; it was fought for and claimed by brave pioneers and their families who envisioned prosperity through independence, freedom through sacrifice and a government of their own.

More than a century after declaring independence on the Brazos River in Washington County, Texans still stand apart. We are a proud people who respect our heritage, uphold our traditions and look toward tomorrow with the same integrity, determination and pride on which our forefathers mapped the foundation - and future - of the great state of Texas.

Happy Independence Day, Texas.

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