Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Park Cities Quail Highlights Prescribed Burns as Means for Protecting Habitats

The Park Cities Quail group, a newly formed nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of our Texas quail hunting heritage, recently held its annual banquet event in Dallas.

The event was packed with outdoorsmen and conservationists who are not only working to improve our Texas quail and wildlife habitat, but also are greatly improving the Texas economy.

A video presentation by Dr. Dale Rollins highlighted prescribed burns as a positive habitat management tool. All those who worked so diligently to make improvements to our state's prescribed burn procedures should be proud.

We need to continue to raise the awareness of this beneficial tool and how it can be used to reduce the threat of wildfires. As we all know, there will be fires; however, controlled, prescribed burns are effective in protecting Texas taxpayers from losing property and more importantly, their lives.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Rollins and groups like Park Cities Quail, we are able to further study and refine best practices for protecting and promoting our environment and wildlife natural habitats through prescribed burns and other methods.

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