Monday, January 4, 2010

A Texan making a difference

Last year I had the chance to speak to a class at Emanuel University in Romania with a group led by Stan Ray, VP for Marketing and Corporate Relations at Farm Credit Bank of Texas. Stan has created the Emanuel Agriculture Development Corporation and is working toward establishing an agribusiness program at Emanuel University that will benefit Texas businesses and Romanian students.

Romania is still recovering from nearly 50 years of communist rule. Developing a strong economy for this Eastern European nation is good insurance the country never slips back toward a communist model of government.

Stan recently began a partnership with Baylor University that is sure to benefit the Emanuel Agriculture Development Corporation. Through a new formal 3-hour (independent study) class in the marketing department, a professor and a senior level MBA student will work on developing a strategic plan for the corporation.

Congratulations to Stan Ray and Baylor University for providing much needed leadership and stability to a very important part of the world. It is good to see Texans play such a key role in worldwide agricultural development, peace and strength. We all benefit when democracy takes a step forward.

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