Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grants Awarded to Home-Deliverd Meal Agencies to Feed Hungry Texans

Today I am meeting with representatives from home-delivered meal agencies in Central and North Texas. More importantly, I am proudly awarding these organizations with critical funding so they can continue their incredibly important job of helping elderly and homebound Texans maintain their independence. By delivering meals to our neighbors in need, these food-service organizations can help meet the nutritional needs of those who otherwise might go hungry or be forced to seek care outside their homes.

By nourishing our homebound neighbors, Texas taxpayers save about $30,000 in nursing home expenses per individual served. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s worthy of our support. If you’d like to help our homebound neighbors and the great state of Texas, I would encourage you to volunteer or donate to a home-delivered meal agency in your community.

TDA is awarding almost 200 grants, totaling $9.5 million to home-delivered meal providers across Texas who served over 13 million meals statewide last year. Over the three-year life of this program, TDA has awarded nearly $30 million to these organizations.

I appreciate all that these organizations do for Texans, and I am proud to support such an honorable and necessary initiative.

Click here to see the press release about today's events.

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