Monday, November 9, 2009

What do You Bring?

The excitement was in the air at Francisco F. “Pancho” Medrano Middle School in Dallas today as TDA launched the ‘Texans Bring It!” campaign. The campaign is designed to build on the Three E’s of Healthy Living -- Education, Exercise and Eating Right. By asking students, “what do you bring?” to help live a healthier lifestyle, we are encouraging them to take an active role in staying fit and eating right.

Our schools are doing a great job of providing healthy options for students, but we must move beyond the lunchroom and into the classrooms and living rooms across Texas if we’re going to win the war on obesity. In the last two decades, the obesity rates have doubled across America. These statistics are alarming and we must partner together to stop this trend.

By teaching our children the 3E’s we can help them build a path to a healthy lifestyle that they can follow through adulthood. Check out for more information on this exciting campaign. I want to thank our partners, including USDA and school districts across Texas as we move forward and help “Texans Bring It!”

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