Tuesday, November 25, 2008

South Korean Retailers Resume Beef Exports from the U.S.

Finally, some good news for international beef exports.

As most of you know, the economic crisis has impacted the beef industry along with most agriculture commodities.

But later this week, South Korea's big retailers will resume U.S. beef sales. While this certainly will help the beef industry, it will have positive impacts on other agriculture commodities as well. Read more about the decision in the following news story:

South Korea's big retailers to resume US beef sales

SEOUL - Major South Korean retailers said Tuesday they would resume U.S. beef sales for the first time since mass protests against the imports rocked the country, citing the need for cheap food during hard times.

The Korea Chainstores Association said US beef would be back on shelves from Thursday at the top three discount stores -- Lotte Mart, E-Mart and Homeplus, which is owned by Britain's Tesco.

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