Friday, November 14, 2008

Employees Enjoy the Texas Tradition of Tailgating

Football and tailgating are time-honored Texas traditions, and the Texas Department of Agriculture recently did its part to uphold the spirit of the gridiron with the fellowship of the grill.

Tailgating outside the Stephen F. Austin Building under a beautiful Texas sky, TDA employees enjoyed flavorful sausage wraps and smoky baked beans cooked by our own master pit tenders, Doyle Fuchs, Jeremy Fuchs, Randy Rivera and Robin Roark.

As much as it is my great pleasure to work side-by-side with these talented people as we tend to the business of TDA, it likewise was great fun to serve a down-home employee appreciation luncheon for the TDA team that works tirelessly throughout the year to provide excellent consumer service.

Tailgating and teamwork are two winning Texas traditions, and I am proud to uphold them both.

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