Monday, April 1, 2013

Mexican Cartels Declared As Most Significant Threat to Texas

A new state intelligence report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety has identified Mexican cartels as the most significant organized crime threat to Texas. According to the report, six of the eight Mexican cartels currently have command and control networks operating within Texas borders.

This report provides mounting evidence of a dangerous, insecure border. It confirms the stories of intimidation, trespassing and fear I have heard from landowners and law
enforcement personnel all across the state. While Washington continues to deny these simple facts by making irresponsible claims like “borderis better now than it ever has been” and “theborder is safe”, Texans are left in the crosshairs of violent Mexican drug cartels.

Luckily we have leaders here in our great state, such as DPS Director Steven McCraw and Public Safety Commission Chair Cindy Leon who know, first-hand the reality of the daily threats to Texans, our economy and our way of life. I hope members of the current administration in Washington read this report and take action to provide Texas with the resources to protect our citizens living in harm’s way.

Keep in mind, this DPS report was developed prior to the announced cut-back actions along the border the administration is taking in regard to the 'sequester.'  There is no room for less
federal law enforcement assistance from Washington here in the Lone Star State, we need them to step up to a satisfactory level. As of today, no rebuttal or denial of the fact that California, Arizona and New Mexico has over 14 border agents per border mile and Texas has barely over 6. This inequity is leading to larger volumes of traffic right across Texas landowners’ private property.

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