Friday, December 14, 2012

Serving Texans For Decades

I like to think of anniversaries as milestones on the road to accomplishment. I also like to think of serving your state and fellow citizens as an admirable course of life.

For these reasons it gives me great pleasure each December to recognize state employees at the Texas Department of Agriculture for their dedicated public service. Day in and day out, these committed professionals rise to serve their fellow Texans in all manners of challenge, need and partnership.

While the entire TDA team makes me feel proud, I find myself especially inspired and impressed by those whose days of service number into decades. Bob Flowers and Joe Benavides are two such people. With 40 years each of service to Texans, Bob and Joe embody the kind of tireless work ethic that makes me grateful to call them colleagues.

Commissioner Staples, Bob and Lydia Flowers
As TDA’s Warehouse Coordinator, Bob has been instrumental in keeping our agency equipped with the tools and support staff needed to handle daily tasks efficiently and comfortably. He also has been a leader in representing TDA at the State Fair of Texas year after year. Simply put, Bob helps make it possible for TDA to do its job.

As Director for Consumer Product Protection, Joe plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Texans get what they pay for at the grocery store and gas pump. Among other duties, Joe and his team regulate scales to accurately record items weighed, the quality of fuel to ensure it meets national standards, and the grade and quality of eggs sold to consumers.

To these two men and the rest of the TDA team, I say congratulations and sincerest thanks for your service to the people of Texas.

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