Thursday, November 8, 2012

Honoring the Tradition of Family, Land, Heritage

Today marked a tradition I look forward to each year as the Texas Department of Agriculture recognized hardworking Texas families who have kept their farms and ranches in continuous agricultural production for 100 years or more.

Fittingly held in the history-rich House Chamber at the Texas State Capitol, the 37th Annual Family Land Heritage ceremony today honored 104 farms and ranches spanning 67 Texas counties. Among those properties were seven family operations celebrating an incredible 150 years of continuous agricultural production. To date, TDA has recognized more than 4,700 properties in 237 counties across Texas.

Agriculture is not an easy way of life. The days are long, the work is hard and even the best-laid plans can be cast into ruin by drought, floods, wildfire, pests and disease. To endure and survive the unforeseen ups and downs takes a lot of backbone and even more perseverance. To do it for 100 years or more is a remarkable legacy of family, land and heritage.

To those families who surpass the 100-year milestone − and to those who make it their life’s work to do so − I say thank you on behalf of all Texans who, knowingly or not, depend on you each and every day.

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