Thursday, June 7, 2012

StramitUSA Merges Agriculture, Innovation in Fort Worth

The recent opening of StramitUSA’s manufacturing facility in Fort Worth is a terrific example of innovation and agriculture coming together for a greater good.

The 88,000-square-foot facility was built to harness a manufacturing process that uses leftover straw from wheat harvests as a key ingredient in a construction material known as compressed agricultural fiber (CAF). Branded as Stramit CAFboard, the fiber-based building material can be used for insulation, particle board and sound-proofing panels in a variety of commercial and residential structures. 

This “upcycling” of straw is great news for Texas wheat farmers who now have an available market for a product that previously was burned or tilled under as waste. For StramitUSA, the end result is a completely organic construction product that is energy efficient, mold-resistant, sound-absorbent and fire resistant. 

StramitUSA expects the new Fort Worth facility to create 100 local jobs. Besides employment at the facility itself, StramitUSA will help support the surrounding construction industry and other building partners while offering an environmentally friendly product.

I’d like to thank StramitUSA for setting up shop in Fort Worth and hope that other enterprising industries will follow this innovative example of merging agriculture and industry.

Agriculture continues to touch our lives everyday in new and dynamic ways proving once again that agriculture is your culture

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