Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thanks to Our Public Servants for a Job Well-Done

Public service is a privilege. And those who accept the challenge of a calling to serve their community should be thanked daily. In honor of Public Service Recognition week, May 6-12, I’d like to recognize and pass along my appreciation to the many hard-working men and women who proudly serve our great country as federal, state, county and local government volunteers or employees.

Whether it’s a volunteer board member, an elected official, or a government employee, public servants are the building blocks of our communities. They are the men and women who educate our children, provide consumer protections, and risk their lives to fight fires and crime. They bring order to our daily lives and help shape future generations.

Here at the Texas Department of Agriculture, we proudly serve our fellow Texans through initiatives that grow our economy, support farmers and ranchers, protect consumers and promote healthy lifestyles for children and their parents. Our commitment to the people, products and communities of Texas is a daily responsibility, but it’s also inspiring and rewarding.  We know the the regulatory role we play is a serious responsibility and must be used to support our private sector, not become a stumbling block.

As we salute our public servants this week, please take a moment to thank the men and women in your community who work hard on behalf of all of us today and throughout the year.

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