Friday, May 29, 2009

Consumer Protection bill heads to Governor's desk

The House and Senate have passed HB 2925 by Rep. Herrero and Sen. Whitmire. The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

This important piece of legislation will strengthen the Texas Department of Agriculture’s consumer protection efforts. When the bill becomes law, TDA inspectors will begin testing fuel quality. Up until now, no state agency has been checking to see if gas and diesel were meeting national standards or if the fuel is contaminated with water. Equally concerning, no consumer had a state agency to call if they felt there were fuel quality issues.

Also, fuel pumps at stations across Texas will have more oversight to make sure when drivers pump a gallon of gasoline, they receive a full gallon. An important note, approximately 95 percent of fuel pumps in the Lone Star State are accurate. HB 2925 will give the TDA the tools to begin more risk-based oversight of Texas fuel stations. One Texan cheated is one too many, so with high rates of compliance inspectors can NOW focus on the small number of bad actors and hold them accountable.

We look forward to implementing these new rules and reaching out to Texans so they understand the new protections and how they can assist us in making sure they receive exactly what they pay for at the pump.

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