Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Texas Farmers and Ranchers Thankful for Rain

Well, I started my day out thanking the good Lord for the much-needed rain that is being spread around Texas and with a plea to let it continue. I am thankful to see the weather maps with green and yellow shades indicating storm cells moving around our state. We all know it is desperately needed as all 254 counties in Texas are experiencing some form of drought.

In fact, weather experts all agree that the area stretching from central Texas to the Gulf is the single driest part of the United States. Farmers in this area are deciding whether they will even be able to plant this season. Cattlemen are taking their stock to auction at record numbers because of short pasture conditions. I'm told the current drought conditions we are experiencing only come along once or maybe twice in a 100-year cycle.

We’d like to remind producers to take advantage of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Hay Hotline at 1-877-429-1998. This is a great resource for those who have extra hay to sell or a pasture to lease, and for those who need hay. We also encourage producers to take advantage of our Disaster Resource Information Packet (DRIP), which provides pertinent contact information for state, federal and private agricultural disaster assistance programs. The DRIP packet is available on our Web site at

Even with this rain being spread across our dry and thirsty land, forecasters say it will be a tough spring. Lord, thank you for this rain today and please send us some more – our state's farmers and ranchers are in real need.

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