Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the Economic Stimulus Means to Texas

Whether you are in favor of the federal stimulus package or against it, Congress has acted and President Obama has signed the economic stimulus bill into law.

As a result, Texas is poised to receive more than $16 million for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s nutrition and food distribution programs. Just over $8 million will help schools across Texas buy better cooking equipment, enabling them to prepare healthier meals, and to purchase additional refrigeration to hold more fresh produce, in turn helping TDA with its mission to curb childhood obesity.

Another $8 million or so will go to the Texas Commodity Assistance Program – a critical program that provides USDA commodities, such as fruits and vegetables, to underprivileged individuals through food banks and other emergency food services. This relief is coming at a time when food banks are seeing a heavier demand than usual.

The bottom line is the Texas economy is in much better shape than that of most states in the U.S. Still, no Texan is immune to the challenges our economy faces. That’s why TDA is working with agribusinesses, producers, lawmakers and other stakeholders to ensure the Texas agriculture industry is doing its part to keep Texas’ economy strong.


DeWayne said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Obama has sanctioned funds for the underdeveloped people. But will the farmers also get the funds that are offered to the underdeveloped. I hope Obama offers low interest loans for farmers.