Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Governor Perry's State of the State Address

Many issues challenge the members of the Texas Legislature as they meet during this 81st session. I was on the house floor today as the Governor delivered the State of the State address and the House and Senate members appeared eager to ensure Texas continues to fare better than most states in the nation.

Among the items that will take center stage this year is how to address the funding needs of a growing public school system, protecting property owners' rights by ensuring a fair process, keeping taxes low and fair for Texas taxpayers and securing our borders. Also highlighted was the need to keep nutritious meals in our schools and to encourage our kids to pursue healthier lifestyles. I met with a group of superintendents just this morning discussing this very issue.

Texas definitely has its challenges ahead of it. However, I, along with all of our state’s elected leaders, will continue to invest resources in the critical areas affecting our state.

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