Thursday, November 21, 2013

National Rural Health Day

Guest blog from Bryan Daniel, TDA’s Trade and Business Development Chief Administrator.

Today is National Rural Health Day, a time to recognize and honor the dedicated health care
professionals located throughout rural Texas who provide quality care and assistance to Texans who not only live in their communities, but who are visiting or traveling through.

Rural Texas is currently facing a shortage of physicians and health care providers face a unique set of challenges in meeting the needs of the three million residents who call rural Texas home, but in true Texas Spirit, they have dug in their heels continue to meet these challenges head on. Through determination and devotion, these professionals routinely provide residents quality care.

Rural hospitals are often the second or third largest employer in smaller communities and often offer the highest paying jobs in that area. Equipping rural hospitals with modern technology allows health providers access to the most advanced equipment and treatments options. The expansion of broadband service is helping health care professional receive training through online classes, keeping them informed of current industry trends. Additionally, through avenues, like tele-medicine, patients can connect with specialists, who may be several hundred miles away.

The Texas Department of Agriculture’s State Office of Rural Health is dedicated to assisting rural communities and helping them provide affordable, quality care to rural Texans. Today, on National Rural Health Day and every day we are sincerely grateful for the unceasing work the dedicated rural health care professionals who daily care for the health and wellbeing of our fellow Texans.

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