Thursday, July 11, 2013

U.S. Citizens Living in Fear on Southern Border

American citizens should not have to live in daily fear of transnational terrorist attacks on
their home and land. However unfortunate, this is a reality for many South Texans. It’s a fear that comes from living along an insecure border. Through first-hand accounts, we hear the truth about what border life is truly like: property destruction, dead bodies, littered fields, criminal behavior, violent intimidation.

Some South Texans, who are fed up with the status quo, have banded together to fight the border infiltration. Groups like the Texas Border Volunteers, made up of private citizens, have emerged in the wake of our broken border and ongoing immigration crisis. Our federal, state and local law enforcement agents are to be commended for the individual efforts they invest into border security, but federal policy officials continue to under-staff and under-resource their needs.

Despite the fact that federal policy officials seem to be looking the other way, the efforts of these citizen groups aren’t going unnoticed. This recent, telling U.S. News & World Report article details the work being done by these volunteers, and highlights the non-stop flow of illegal traffic crossing and the fear experienced by our fellow Texans who are trying to work, raise families and live in peace along our porous border. Our country is becoming a land breached by drug smugglers, human traffickers and violence.

We cannot let this continue. We must continue to fight to fix our broken immigration system until the only word used to describe our border with Mexico is secure.

I invite you to read the full news article here, and let’s work together to raise awareness and fight to secure our nation’s border.  

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