Friday, November 9, 2012

Honoring Service and Sacrifice on Veterans Day

Thanks to the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, America enjoys the blessings of freedom like no other nation on earth. We also know peace here at home thanks to the courage and strength of our past and present troops.

On Veterans Day, we not only thank our soldiers for their battlefield bravery, but also for the many times duty required them to be apart from their families. We thank the husband or sister who braved a hostile enemy while loved ones gathered for a birthday party. We thank the brother or daughter who missed a home-cooked meal at Christmas so we could celebrate in peace. We thank the moms and dads in uniform who struggle to stay strong knowing their children back home will ask for them at bedtime.

To the troops who return home with physical challenges and troubled reminders, we pray for your recovery and inner peace. We wish you the same inner strength today that you relied on while serving. And although Veterans Day is directed at the men and women who’ve worn the uniform, we must also thank the families who love and support them. It is your prayers, letters and phone calls that help keep our soldiers going. It is your ability to tend to home and family that provide hope for a better day.

Below are some of the courageous men and women who know the sacrifices of service. To these men and women − and their families and fellow comrades − I say thank you for granting us the freedoms we enjoy each and every day, and for protecting us from those who wish us harm.

Frankie L. Wendel, PFC, US Army
1942-45, Cayuga, TX.
(Commissioner Staples'

Your service makes me humble and proud.

Please take time today to thank a veteran for your blessings of freedom, and may God continue to watch over our troops, their families and the United States of America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

James L. Reed, PFC, US Army
1944-45, Dallas, TX. (Purple Heart)

Charles W. Prater, SGT FC, US Army
1945-55, Dallas, TX. (Bronze Star)

Tony Purcell, CPT, U.S. Army 

Donald G. Glessner, LTC, USAF (Ret.)
1967-87, San Antonio, TX

George F. Glessner, LT(JG) 
US Navy,1944-46, Darby, PA

Alison Batig, MAJ, US Army
1999-present, Tuscon, AZ

Stephen A. McGovern, Wagoner, 
US Army 
1918-1919, Phil, PA

Jon Garza, SGT, US Army (center)

Arthur J. Dembik, PFC, US Army
1944-45, Buffalo, NY

Anthony White, SSgt., USMC
2000-present, El Paso, TX

Jerry L. Starkey, OSCS (E8) US Navy
1956-85, Dallas, TX.
(Navy Achievement Medal)
Ed Donahue, U.S. Navy
1943-45, Chicago, IL

Barry McCaffrey, General (Ret), US Army
1964-96, Taunton, MA

Ronnie L. McKinney, SGT (E5)
US Army
1966-68. Dallas, TX.

James Pollard, PO1, US Navy, 1990-2002, Buda TX (back row, far left)
 G.Paul Tuttle, Pvt. US Army
1918-19, Fredonia, KS

O.E. (Bob) Morriss, Cpl, USMC
1943-1946, Bentley, KS

 Ira A. Morriss, Sgt, USMC,
Coyville, KS

Gene Paul Tuttle, Pvt, Army Air Corp.
1942-43, Fredonia, KS
 Gideon Wells Tuttle, Army,
Thayer, Kansas
Burney LaChance, Lt Col (Ret) USAF
1986-2011, Austin, TX

 Jeremiah Salame, Maj,
San Antonio, TX

Cynthia A. Miller, PO3, US Navy  
1983-87, Austin TX
John M. Lewis, SSG (P) US Army
Smithville, TX
Jessie Bettis, PO3, US Navy
1988-93, Waco TX
Bill Hoppe, Lt Col (Ret), 
USAF 1974-98, 
Nacogdoches, TX
Tim Batig, MAJ, US Army, 
Houston, TX

Gerhard Lundquist, US Army
1965-67, Seattle, WA
Shannon Lundquist, PO3, US Navy
1988-93, San Benito, TX.
(Two Navy Achievement Medals)
Earl Lundquist, E3, US Navy
1988-92, Seattle, WA
Brian Zink, US Navy
1989-92, San Jose, CA
 Rodney W. Lewis,
SSG (P) US Army
1974-85, Smithville, TX
Troy S. Watson, SSgt, 
Denton TX

Juan Rodriguez, PFC, US Army
            (Purple Heart)

John Gibson, SPC, US Army
John A. Tuley,  Lt Col, US Air Force 
1980-2001, Austin, TX
David B. Brown, 
Sgt USAF Reserve
Austin, TX
Charles Bowman, SGT, medic 25th Infantry,
Beaumont, TX. 
(Four Purple Hearts, 
Bronze Star pictured below)

Lora L. Lewis, SPC4,
US Army, 1975-77

Magnolia, OH
Miguel Bustamante, Sr.
MP, US Army,1968-69
Laredo, TX
Carl Myers, SGT, US Army
Port Arthur, TX
Anita G. Torres, Chief Hospital 
Corp Man
US Navy, 1980-2000
"Ted" Tedmon, Commodore, US Navy (Ret)
James Baumgartner, PO3, US Navy
1989-93, San Antonio, TX

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