Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hail Doesn’t Break Texas Agriculture’s Spirit

The drought and wildfires have been quite unkind this past year to the people who grow our food. According to Texas AgriLife, the recent historic drought and wildfires combined for a total agricultural loss of more than $8 billion.

Unfortunately, Texas agriculture recently suffered another blow when a hailstorm hammered West Texas on May 31, causing destruction on farms, personal property and our economy’s infrastructure.

In that destruction was the Village Farms greenhouse facility in Marfa. Village Farms Inc. is one of the largest producers of greenhouse-grown produce in the nation. The company reports its greenhouses that cover 82 acres in Marfa and Presido underwent substantial damage during the recent storm. While the company is still assessing the extent of the loss, it is expected that sections of its greenhouses will remain closed for a couple months. 

Fortunately for the company, the months of June and July mark the end of the annual crop cycles, which means crop and revenue losses will be at their lowest point. Better news for all involved is the fact no one was injured during the powerful hailstorm and Village Farms expects its facilities to be back up and running in a few months. 

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