Friday, March 2, 2012

A Hard-Won Texas Independence

Rugged individualism is a proud Texas trademark, but it sure didn’t happened by accident.

To the contrary, the roots of our Texas pride can be traced back to the Brazos River in Washington County where our brave forefathers and pioneering families declared our independence from Mexico and backed it up with fierce fighting and ultimate sacrifice. The date was March 2, 1836, and it marked the birth of a new republic that grew to be the greatest state in our nation.

The fears and unknowns were many on this date 176 years ago, but they could not overcome the underlying sense of determined certainty. Our earliest Texans were certain they wanted better lives for future generations. They were certain they wanted their own government. They were certain they could succeed.

From legendary heroes like Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Lorenzo de Zavala and Davy Crockett to the lesser-known men, women and children who supported them, our founders were equals in courage, grit and fortitude.

Mention Texas anywhere in the world and people immediately take interest. They may call it Texas mystique or Wild West mythology, but I prefer to call it true grit that would not settle. Their goal was achieved: a hard-won Texas Independence.

Happy Texas Independence Day and may God continue to bless the Lone Star State.

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