Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let’s Get the Hogs Outta Texas!

Bigger is not always better in Texas, which is why I traveled to Beaumont today to issue the Hog Out Challenge to all Texans.

Here in the Lone Star State, our feral hog population numbers 2.6 million and causes more than $500 million in damages annually. Those are big numbers that add up to a big problem.

To curb this problem, I’ve declared that October is Hog Out Month in Texas. Every day is a good day to do your part in eliminating these pests from Texas’ urban and rural yards, highways, golf courses, farms and ranches. But the only way to win this war on feral hogs is for all Texans to join in a coordinated and concentrated effort. Hog Out Month provides this opportunity.

Additionally, Hog Out Month marks the kickoff of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s second annual Hog Out Challenge, which runs through Dec. 31 and awards grants to the five Texas counties with the most hogs removed and the highest participation in feral hog abatement programs.

More than a costly nuisance to agricultural operations and wildlife habitats, feral hogs increasingly are finding their way into urban areas and destroying yards, public parks and golf courses. They also pose a health threat to humans as they can carry disease and cause serious automobile accidents. Making matters worse, these hogs are capable of breeding twice a year.

Counties may obtain a notice of intent to participate in the Hog Out Challenge by clicking here, calling (512) 463-6695 or emailing More details about the challenge can be found by clicking here. Deadline to submit intent to participate is Sept. 30.

If you’re a landowner or homeowner who wants to learn more about eliminating feral hogs from Texas, contact your local Texas Agrilife Extension Service office. Let’s tackle Texas’ big feral hog problem. Let’s get the hogs outta Texas!

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