Thursday, June 9, 2011

Border Shootout

This morning, Texas law enforcement officers were involved in a shootout with Mexican drug cartel members. You can review the Texas Department of Public Safety press release below. Unfortunately, this criminal violence on American soil is becoming all too frequent for our border residents and our brave law enforcement personnel. The federal government cannot continue to turn a blind eye on the attack on our sovereignty by these terrorists. Border security needs to be a top priority. We must push the current administration in Washington to acknowledge the problem and to provide the resources needed to protect our U.S. citizens. We will keep you updated on this latest incident on the Texas border and will continue to shine the light on our INsecure border. For continuous updates on border security, make sure to review our website at

Texas Department of Public Safety

June 9, 2011

Shootout between U. S. law enforcement and drug cartel on Texas border

Early this morning, U. S. law enforcement officers participating in a multi-agency Texas Ranger Recon operation were fired upon from Mexico while attempting to interdict a large drug load. At least three suspected drug runners were wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

A suspicious vehicle on the U. S. side of the Rio Grande River was observed along with two cartel drug recovery boats. Three law enforcement patrol boats arrived on the scene and received heavy gun fire from the Mexico side while attempting to interdict the drug-laden boats.

Mexican authorities were notified of the abandoned cartel drug-laden boats and are on the scene.

### (PIO 2011-57)

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