Thursday, April 14, 2011

SCR 36 - A Call for Congressional Border Action

The Texas Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee recently considered Senate Concurrent Resolution 36, which calls on the U.S. Congress to develop a plan to protect Texans and secure our border.

The resolution urges Congress to prepare a cost analysis of the funding necessary to fully enforce all federal immigration laws in Texas. The resolution also calls for Congress to report that figure to the Texas Legislature along with the status of the funding. Additionally, the resolution requests a meeting among Texas leaders and Congress to discuss the ongoing border security crisis.

This bipartisan resolution recognizes the many failures of current policies to adequately address border security. Moreover, it reasserts the need for the federal government to act on its Constitutional duties to protect your Texas border.

For full text of this resolution and a list of senate sponsors, go here. Also, visit to hear true testimonies from Texas farmers and ranchers who work so hard to feed our nation, while being literally terrorized by criminals who illegally enter the United States and in so doing, threaten the sovereignty of our country.

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