Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rural Texas Communities Going the Extra Mile

Guest blogger: Rick Rhodes, Assistant Commissioner for Economic Development

Rural tourism throughout Texas is a growing trend. Whether shopping for antiques or visiting a farm or ranch operation, Texas offers plenty of opportunities for getting away.

Some rural Texas communities are going the extra mile to attract more tourists.
Levelland, for example, is a certified GO TEXAN Rural Community that is breaking ground on a new event center. The Mallet Event Center & Arena will host events such as rodeos, fairs and conferences that are sure to bring extra tourism dollars to Levelland.

On Wednesday, July 28, the public and community leaders will hold a groundbreaking for the new center. Below is a photo of what the event center will look like once it's completed. Congratulations to Levelland for promoting rural tourism.

For more information on becoming a GO TEXAN Certified Rural Community, visit and click on Retire in Texas.

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DaveQuinn247 said...

Commissioner Staples and his staff continue to provide rural Texas communities with opportunities to help themselves. From the Go Texan to the Capital Fund Grant programs, the TDA is a bright star in Texas state government.

I commend the TDA staff on their hard work and dogged determination to give rural Texans the tools needed to build a strong economic foundation. My hope is that legislators across the state recognize the effectiveness of the TDA programs and not only continue their funding but find ways to expand it in future budgets.